Day 7

«Video for the day will be posted – the group meeting was turned into challenge buddies meeting»

Challenge Activity Day 7:

Today’s activity has a therapeutic approach and it’s called the BLAME GAME.

Who do you blame the most in your life, or in the recent days? You can choose anyone you want, from your buddy to God himself, yet this activity is originally designed to be practised by choosing one of the parents.

Devote 1 hour – without any distractions – for the first part. And another 5-10 minutes for the second part.

Fist part:
You will need paper (preferably not a notebook) and pen/pencil.
Choose a person you blame.
For the first 30′ write down things you blame this person for, in a negative taste. (ex. Because of this person I can’t trust other people) The most you write, the better. Really go for it. This is your chance to blame this person without any judgement.
For the next 30′ write down things you blame this person for, in a positive taste. (ex. Because of this person I am organised) Look into this relationship and really bring up what are the good things this person has brought you. Write them all down!
*If you want to invest more time in this activity, make sure it is equally divided between negative (first) and positive (second)*

Second part:
When you are done with the writing spend a few minutes to really appreciate what happened there and reflect what this process brought to you. Then, burn the paper with the intention of neutralising your expectations from this relationship and creating the space for new things to flourish.

You are invited to contact this person, with kind intentions after the process.