Day 6

Challenge activity DAY 6:

Keep the steps in the following order.

Step 1: Digital detoxing 1.1
15 hours straight, of digital detoxing and no screen time. No use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TV etc.
* If this is too challenging for you, you can arrange part of the activity during sleeping hours.

Step 2: Instead of the group meeting in the afternoon, we will have a meeting with our challenge buddies. Decide the time together, of at least 20 minutes meeting and record it. (you can use zoom for free) If you want, share the meeting, or a part of it, or – even better- an edited «teasing» version of it, in the facebook messenger group. During the meeting, you are invited to have a reality check, do a reflection of the progress of the challenge, of the detoxing activity and of your state in the moment. Keep track of the questions that you reflected upon, we will use them at some later point. Feel free to share your questions in the messenger chat as well.

Question Suggestions for the Challenge-Buddy Meeting 
What were the feelings that came up during this week?
Which was my favourite activity so far? Why?
Which was my least favourite activity so far? Why?
How is the detoxing change, I set on day 2, going?
Do I receive the experience I want from the challenge? If not, what is missing?
What is keeping me busy, mentally and emotionally, now / these days?
What is keeping me happy, alive, balanced, now / these days?
What I am honestly grateful for?

Day 7 challenge activity will be posted at 18.00 – 29.03.2020.