Day 5


Challenge activity DAY 5:

Conscious Sky-gazing

Step 1: Choose a specific time period of the day, when you enjoy how the sky looks like (sunrise, daytime, sunset, nigh time, etc)
Step 2: Put on your agenda a 15-20 minutes, planned sky gazing activity during that period of time. It is important to plan it. You have to decide and schedule it.
Step 3: Decide where and how you will do the activity. Will you be sitting? Will you be outdoors laying on the ground? Know how you will do it beforehand and be prepared.
Step 4: Besides any items you decide to have with you (blankets, pillows, candles, timer) bring with you a piece of paper and preferably a pencil.
Step 5: When the time has come for your sun-gazing activity, connect with the moment, you the sky. Be present to the process. While you will do the activity, whenever a thought comes in your mind, note it down and let it go. You can put a timer of 15 minutes when you are ready to start and you finish gazing when the alarm goes off.