Day 4


Challenge activity DAY 4:

Today’s self care activity is called «The song of the Heart»
For this activity you will need 15-20 minutes, alone in privacy, without any distractions.
Take a few moments to relax and connect with yourself. Be present where you are alone. After taking a few deep breaths and bringing your awareness in the «here and now», you can set a timer for 15 minutes.
Now, place your hands on your chest, at the level of  your heart and close your eyes. Get in a relaxing state, feeling your heart beat under your palm and take a few breaths. Whisper to your self the following: «My heart I want to release what is limiting me, what is burdening me». If a specific emotion comes in your mind, state it. «My heart, I want to release this feeling of __ inside me». Take a few breaths with the intention to bring this emotion to the surface. Wherever this emotion is located, through the breathing, you intend to bring it to the surface, to your throat, so it can be released.  Intuitively, you will tune in, with the sound that is needed to let go of that emotion. What you will do, is to produce a sound similar to «om» with your lips open and ideally your teeth open as well. Taking a deep breath in, exhale by producing this sound for the following minutes until the alarm goes off.

1) We are releasing the emotion. We are aware of it, we observe it, we bring it up with acceptance and let it go. We are not consumed by the emotion.
2) If you think you are done, you are not. You continue with the sound until the alarm goes off. Allow for what is ready to be released, to be released.

You are invited to take your time after the process and ideally have conscious shower just after the process. Literal one or visualise one. Plus drink a lot of water.