Day 21

«Video for the day will be posted – the group meeting was turned into challenge buddies meeting»

Challenge Activity Day 21:

This is the last activity of the challenge and with this, we prepare ourselves to continue the self care after the challenge process.

Self-Care menu

You are invited to create a self – care menu, where you will note down the activities that supported you the most during the challenge, as well as other activities that may came up during these three weeks, with orientation to self care.

It’s time to combine practicality with creativity. The self-care menu you will create, you are going to use it for future reference. You can categories the activities as indoors or outdoors, from the perspective of time or any how else you prefer. It is recommended to note down a few comments, on how did each activity supported you, as a reflection process for the present moment and as a reminder note to your future self.

This step is essential, because all the things you experienced up to now through this challenge, will actually become a reminder or a tool for your future self care. It is an opportunity to see how much you’ve grown in these 21 days, what supported you and what not. It’s time to receive the learnings from this experience and note them down.

I am inviting you also to write a review on my facebook page (here), on how this experience was for you. This way, people who don’t know me will be able to see, through your comments, what to expect and maybe choose or not to follow another process with me in the future.

Our closing meeting is on 13/04/2020 at 21:00 CET.
See you there!