Day 18

Challenge activity DAY 18:

  1. Acts of Service
      • combine some of your daily / weekly / monthly chores and do them. You plan the timing as the chores can vary, however keep it from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.
      • after completing the chores, take the same amount of time the chores took, as a «no agenda» time. During this time, you have completely empty to do list. If you have something in your to do list, you do it or plan it for later or earlier.
  2. Nutritional change for a day
      • Option 1: Only veggies and fruits. No animal product food.
      • Option 2: No sugar or processed food.
      • Option 3: Fasting. Drink water, herb tea without additives, no food intake.
  3. Sungazing
      • Time frame for the activity: during the first hour of sunrise, or the last hour before sunset, during this time frame you look directly to the sun for 1-5 minutes maximum. If you haven’t tried this before, keep it in 1-2 minutes.
      • It is important to take a position where you are standing barefoot on a ground surface (earthy ground, sand, dirt, mud etc). If you don’t have access to earth surface in combination with looking at the sun during the time frame mentioned above, you can put in a container at least 50 cm of ground and step in there for the process.
      • Keep breathing and be conscious in this process.

For all the activities keep in mind to get out of the comfort zone, yet not in the panic zone. Listen to your body, try something new, follow you own pace. If something is too challenging adjust it to your standards.