Day 16

Challenge activity DAY 16:

  1. Meditate
    Inspired by the full moon with the intention to reconnect with your authentic self. Conscious breathing, following your intuition. Duration at least 15 minutes. More info on how to do it yourself you can find in the video (on 24.00′)
    I am also hosting tonight at 11.00 pm (30 minutes) meditation you can join if you want, here.
  2. Self massage
    We care for our body, consciously focusing on how we give and how we receive our touch. I suggest for you to do this activity while laying down, since this is a more receiving position, compared when we stand. Take your time to observe how does each touch feel for your hands and the part your hands are touching.
    This activity should last at least 20 minutes.

Bring the care in the challenge.