Meditation drops.

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Meditation drops is a collection of recorded guided meditations, which last 10 – 20 minutes. The recordings are designed in a way, that make it easy to have a break from stressful and intense emotions. We focus on breathing, with every meditation to include traits of creative visualisation, for relaxation, peace or energising and motivation. The purpose is to achieve wellness, get in harmony with the inner self and psychological & physiological relief. The meditations are functioning as support, like a tool, so you acknowledge your power over your actions, your choices and the course of your life. 

Every piece of the collection, is available with freedom of cost – which means you choose the amount of money you feel and want to give – as a donation. To get a piece of the collection click here.
Important! The meditations are sent by default in English. Also, every time you want to receive a different piece of the collection, fill in the donation form, the numbers of the tracks you already have.

The money we collect from the meditation drops, are to support our non profit projects, more here. Make the donation, here, and son you will receive via email the meditation.

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