Inner Guidance

Have you practiced visualizations before? It’s a state where you relax and imagine something with closed eyes. Now, it’s time to get to know mindfulness meditation. 

Inspired by the book “Search inside yourself” by Chade-Meng Tan, we will get to know practices that according to the author can lead to world peace. How? Through inner peace enlarged in a collective level.

On an individual level, this program will boost your ability to enjoy the pleasant moments of your life, to multiply them and transform the unpleasant ones into tiny miracles! On a group level, the courses are providing the structure to develop the practices individually, while motivating each other in a group setting. With humor, chill vibes and with the comfort of our own space, we connect via zoom every Wednesday (English speaking group) and every Thursday (Greek speaking group) at 21.00CET, to share, learn and take a step further in our relationship with ourselves and tune in with our inner guidance. Whether you are familiar with meditation or not, with this program you can move at your own level of comfort, taking the steps as deep as you need. If you are a meditation master, you are also welcome to share your knowledge and freshen up your approach. 🙂


Let’s see the arrangement.

The introduction for this new journey took place via zoom on the 18th of September 2020. During this first meet up, I shared information about the program, about the book, which is the reason behind the manifestation of this program and some key elements about meditation and visualization!

There will be 10 courses in total, one every week, with duration 60-90 minutes. The fee to participate in the courses is 15€ each time or 40€ per month (5 courses). For registering in the course click here.

Ok, I understand that this is a supporting tool to find my inner peace, yada yada yada. How does it work though?

Hear me out. Meditation is the approach where the mind becomes so aware of the moment, that seems like it becomes silent. The philosophy of the meditation supports the idea that by creating “space” in our minds, a conscious “pause” from our thoughts, we can connect directly with our authentic inner voice, our Higher Self according to some approaches or in other words our inner guidance. Through this program, gradually we will get familiar with this “pause” and we will learn when, how and why to consciously use it.

If you are ready and on board with me and want to book your spot for the first 5 courses or the entire program, click here.

Note: if there is a time when you cannot connect to our meet up, it is possible, after we have arranged it, to send you a recording of the meeting.